Zodiac + All the President’s Men

Double feature: Print journalism, and our means of accessing information, are still transforming by the minute…so, for history’s sake, why not spend some time at an older incarnation of the news desk?

“Zodiac” and “All the President’s Men” will keep your neurons crackling as they lead you through two newspapers’ investigations into notorious activity.  With the sharpness of a typewriter’s staccato clacks, each film reveals the messy inter-office dynamics shaping print’s neat columns.

Each entertains the contemporary viewer with its reporters’ fact-finding methods – some still relevant, some antiquated. (Robert Redford furiously leafing through entire shelves of phone books may leave you awestruck; tense calls from sources will renew your appreciation for speaker phones and conference calls.)

Perhaps most remarkably, each remains suspenseful despite your likely already knowing the outcome of its true story.

For a marathon: Add the BBC mini-series “State of Play,” and compare each film’s depiction of the way reporters’ personal lives can influence their encounters with the truth.

If you enjoyed “Zodiac”‘s helter-skelter version of San Francisco, you can spend some more time on its freewheeling but ominous streets with “Milk.”

(Creative Commons licensed original images courtesy of “bizkittw” and “monoooki” at Flickr)

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