Casino Royale + Trouble in Paradise


Double feature: After an hour or so of jaw-clenched globetrotting, “Casino Royale” evolves from a movie that has nothing whatsoever to do with the lighthearted, technique-heavy “Trouble in Paradise” to one whose parallels with that early confection become increasingly pronounced.

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Cactus Flower + Christmas in Connecticut

Double feature“Cactus Flower” and “Christmas in Connecticut” are two films whose humor stems from an invented domestic life with imaginary family members.  In the former, the made-up family is a compassion-inducing source of woe; in the latter, it is a beacon of bliss from which others take comfort.

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My Cousin Vinny + My Blue Heaven

Double feature: The surface similarities between “My Cousin Vinny” and “My Blue Heaven” are easy to spot: both feature Italian-American stereotypes unleashed upon prototypically white-bread milieus, for broad comic effect.  Both entangle their protagonists – sartorially inclined toward flashy suits, tonsorially favoring glossy pompadours, romantically susceptible to compact spitfires – with local authorities, setting the stage for convoluted but ultimately triumphant hijinks.

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