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Welcome to “Make it a Double…Feature,” an exploration of the different substantive links connecting films to each other.  Posts here are meant to:

*Introduce you to films you may not have seen yet
*Make you think about the films you have seen in a new way
*Contribute to, and spur on, conversation about the overarching web of connections linking cultural experiences to each other

We aim to cast our nets as wide as our tastes will allow, and to use a variety of post formats to keep things fresh.

In our juxtapositions, we hope to prove what Proust wrote in “Time Regained”:  
“[B]y comparing a quality common to two sensations, we succeed in extracting their common essence and in reuniting them to each other, liberated from the contingencies of time.”

Anticipated FAQ:

How can I contribute to this conversation?
In many ways – and we hope that you will!

*Add any film-to-film links relevant to a particular post in that post’s comment section.  If you explain the connection, and we can endorse the films you reference, we’ll add them to our film network map.
Email us with suggestions for a double feature, or challenge us to find an apt pairing for a single feature.
Participate in our (intended) occasional polls and contests.

What’s up with the food pictures?
Well, we wanted a visual marker for each movie, and we didn’t want to use screen shots, posters, or DVD cover images.   People seem to kind of like food, and it happens to be one of the few common denominators that can be found in almost every film.

The pictures also constitute a little game – testing your memory of the role their featured food played in the movies you’ve already seen, and priming you to keep your eyes peeled for their featured food in the movies you haven’t seen yet.

Hey – you posted about the same movie twice!
Guilty as charged.  But each film has so many different nodes of connection with other films that it seems unfair to impose a “one post per film” constraint.

About us:


D. is passionate about maximizing the links that connect pieces of information – especially cultural products – to each other, and to the people who are looking for them.  This site is a wordier offshoot of a larger cultural network mapping project she is working on.