Before Midnight + Claire’s Knee


Double feature: The perfect pairing for the (unofficial) last weekend of summer – “Before Midnight” and “Claire’s Knee.”  Why? It’s not just that both are set, either all or in part, during summer’s end. It’s that, in a larger sense, the two films are structured around, and brim over with, markers of time.

In “Claire’s Knee,” these markers appear as date references before “chapters” of the film; in “Before Midnight,” the markers are the protagonists themselves, and the relationship they have sustained over decades.

Saturated with sun and the natural and architectural beauties of Europe, salted with an unceasing stream of roiling battle of the sexes talk, let these films help you make sense of the summer that’s behind us, and make the most of what remains of it.

(Creative Commons licensed original images courtesy of “thallium” and “Elizabeth Thomsen” at Flickr)

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